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Trenchless sewer repair is a less invasive option to repairing common sewer line problems than traditional sewer repair. With traditional sewer repair, there is much digging and excavation to remove broken and cracked pipes and replace them. This can often destroy landscaping, driveways, and other structures. Traditional sewer repair creates needless debris and introduces contaminated waste into landfills when it is disposed of. Often times using traditional sewer repair is impossible due to business needs or ordinances that do not allow for such destructive methods.

Trenchless sewer repair accomplishes what can be done traditionally without the need to dig or destroy and can even repair pipes underneath existing structures without disturbing them. This method is greener than traditional sewer repair methods since it reuses pipe that is already in the ground instead of creating waste that has to be carried away. Using the existing pipe as a “host” for the structural liner prevents the disruption of any soil that may be contaminated by the raw sewage that has leaked through the cracks and voids of the old pipe.

Steps to Trenchless Sewer Repair Installation

1- Access points are identified. These could be exterior clean-out fittings, vent stacks, or toilet openings. These access points will be used to video inspect the damaged pipes and will also provide entry and “pull points” for the liner sleeve.
2- A video inspection of the pipe is done to pinpoint actual pipe damage.
3- An epoxy coated liner sleeve is inserted into the damaged pipe area.
4- Sleeve is inflated and forms a new pipe in the damaged area.
5- After liner sleeve has cured, follow-up video inspection is done to verify pipe is repaired accurately. The end result is a smooth and seamless “pipe within a pipe”.

Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacments

NO DESTRUCTION of walls, floors, or landscape
Minimal disruption of use of your premises
Make repairs in hours instead of days
Less expensive than conventional repair
We can “spot” repair a two foot damaged section or reline the total drainage system
10 year parts and labor WARRANTY on the liner that has a 50 year manufacture warranty. 

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